Legal Disclaimer:

We do not host any data or content nor profit in any way as a DAO/E (decentralised autonomours organisation/ecosystem) We are simply providing an aggregated free market monetiser that enables users an easy and profitable way to stream legally available and sourced M3U8 files via license agreements or Github repositories such as  All credit, copyrights and IP remain with their respective owners. We use all sources for promotional and pioneering monetision purposes only. If for any reason, you don't wish for us to use this or any sources you own, or in the instance our sources where in fact not free or legally available, please email immediatly and we will instantly remove or ammend any violations. Please bear in mind, any tokens generated and unclaimed will be burned upon removal of source therefor please consider the implications as the sum could be quite subnstantial and you may wish to donate it to charity or join this revolutionary movement with us instead. Eventually, the revenue generated per connection through our dual token economic structure will surprass the average membership fee per user that current providers charge. When this happens, everything will be on our platform and everybody will be rewarded greater than they are today. The black market remains as dark, anonymous and free as it likes while revenue is generated and funneled back to deserved creators, distributors, producers and loyalty holders. We have a formula designed that will restructure the entire entertainment industry while leaving no party hindered. It sounds crazy because it is however if it works, well my god what a future the citizens of earth are in store for.


The Futurov Community