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FTV wants to bring the crypto and legacy world's entertainment offerings into one place via open source APIs as well as producing our own original content as a non profit & censorship resistant source of immutable news, entertainment & media through the first ever community voted streaming OTT protocol. We found a pioneering way to monetise the free market and reward creators, users contributors without the need for their consent in a totally trustless manner. The OTT market is estimated to grow to nearly $200bn by 2025 according to researchers KBV. We will be a safe haven of barrier-free information for every citizen of the earth. No sign up, registration or KYC is required, ever. Just download the app and load live TV, movies or shows from any country in the world. Once Futurov reaches the required capacity in market cap and achieves optimum purchasing power through economies of scale, we plan to host every single TV channel, Movie, TV Show and Documentary in history on an immutable distributed ledger as well as compete for the newest and most exclusive releases while funding the most incredible ideas through a community run Originals reserve. Targeting unbanked demographics,  Futurov will consist of the below core services that will continue to grow;



Including worldwide feeds as well as localised & decentralised news channels. Live sports and PPV events of which some we aim to bring exclusively to Futurov. Live stream integrations with youtube, theta & LBRY are in the works & we have been granted access to the  exclusive Vuulr & Allrites marketplaces. The world has begun to feel the weight of the crypto community and together we are the shadow elite of the new generation. best of all, we are mostly made up of conscious beings who came from humble roots, ready to use our new found wealth to make the changes we never thought were possible.

Originals - Apply now!

A collection of all the above funded by community released grants exclusive to the Futurov app. A first of its kind approach hoping to rival the amazing creations of Netflix and Amazon originals by giving our creators full freedom without fear of restriction along with the funding to secure the highest quality staff & equiptment in top-of-the range studios. In virtual reality and exclusive partnership with a fully EU Licensed production powerhouse.


NFT launchpad, Marketplace and VR/AR showcaser - Launching Q3

A place for upcoming artists to launch their NFT Films and iconic brands to launch VR/AR collectables our users will be able to enjoy from their bedrooms. From children's shows to steamy adult flicks, we want every scene in history to be an NFT you can re-live as if you were there, from the comfort of your head set. We will be seeking partnerships with this and every aspect of our offerings the community deems possible. All you need to do is drop a suggestion in the telegram group. We have already started approaching stars who have sold NFT's in order to give their customers a surreal experience and bring their NFTs to life including exclusive rights such as meet and greets in VR / AR for NFT holders.


Gamefied defi / Learn & Earn games / Education Station - Launching Q3

A place where users can earn crypto for learning about finance, politics and crypto projects while playing games such as coinfarmer, an upcoming farming simulator village game under development by our team.  Users will also have access to educational and training videos for real life professions with our partership with Agenz ltd and Hyr DAO  as well as our plans to showcasing the best financial teachers, podcasters and YouTubers in the industry on our platform to help the masses understand this wonderful new world we are heading into.


Social media & p2p review network - BETA LIVE NOW

A dedicated place for movie lovers and digital memorabilia collectors to share, engage and connect! Directly on app under the videos being played and coming soon in VR/AR.


Avatar A.I collectables in augmented and virtual reality - Launching Q3

A first of its kind channel dedicated solely to endless memes, meme news, trending meme, ultimate trolls and exposé platform for the over-entitled to be instantly humbled. 0 ads, 24/7 + 365. "Ha you're on meme station fam" will be a house hold phrase across London and hopefully the rest of the world.


The Diamond Hands Annual Awards - Launching Q1 2022

Soon to be, the only legitimate and fairly selected awards ceremony in the world with all votes cast on blockchain giving the award winners the purest of rewards. The annual awards will be hosted in VR meaning ticket numbers are technically limitless. Awards will range from NFT's to motion pictures and beyond. We will be rewarding cinematic, philanthropic & vital activities in the film & social media world. 



Plan and end goal

To be the hub of the world's most creative talent in the film and video industry by empowering everybody from grass roots to ivory towers to create powerful, jaw dropping and magical experiences. We want to live in a world were you can be laying in bed one night, writing up the most incredible script and by the next day, it's funded and production has started because thousands of people believed in your vision too. We don't believe it's right that a select few individuals decide what the majority of the world consume let alone charge them for the pleasure. The old ways of paying monthly fees for your attention, engagement and time are well and truely over. 


Eventually, Futurov will be it's own chain and network entirely with an aim of becoming the largest producers in the world, without owning a single film set or studio. Through decentralised finance and smart contracts, we can achieve everything we set out and more. What you are reading is the mere tip of a ship-wrecking iceberg.


Competitor Overview

Nobody has really brought a decentralised challenger to the behemoths of Netflix or Amazon Prime and their hundreds of billions of market cap yet. Some might point out but Theta is a hopeful partner not competitor. We love Theta but a decentralised netflix is what we are going for as oppose to a decentralised Twitch/YouTube though we wish to work with them so comparisons will only flatter us. You may point out which would be a far more suitable rival in the space however they aren't aren't doing what Netflix or Prime do. On launch, we bring you more content without the constant ad walls along with a packed roadmap for additions we as old Bolt bagholders wished they'd introduced. We where infact very early investors in Bolt and it was the recent exposé of their token minting and dumping antics that spurred us to create this app. Turns out, it wasn't that complicated or expensive so one must question what Bolt have been / are currently doing. Yes, we aim to aggressively market to their base and show all of their supporters what a true, decentralised OTT streaming provider looks like and does. Another competitor could be seen as the newly launched AIOZ yet we don't see anything in their plans that competes with Netflix's business model beyond of original content and It also states in their whitepaper they intend to allow OTT apps like ourselves onto their CDN platform in future so we may even end up collaborating but we certainly are not waiting around. As shocked as you may be too, we see this market as truely there for the taking and you will soon see a representative on every high street across the world handing bringing more users into the world of crypto as a one stop shop.




Current TV, Media and streaming service providers will always be censored. Even our equivalents in crypto, theta and Bolt are not what we deem decentralised or censorship resistant given the fact you can't upload anything you like on either platform without fear of repercussions. 


The world needs a globally barrier free source of information and entertainment that allows it’s own users to vote on what rights and licenses get purchased as well as which grants to give. The likes of Amazon, Disney and Netflix increase their prices every year and with that, exclude a growing number of people each time.


Original series by leading brands are selected by a handful of people with their own agendas. Think about it, a couple of suits sitting around a table drinking lattes get to pick what hundreds of millions of people get to enjoy next... We just don't like that very much and don't see how anyone can either.


There will always be a free market. What if there was a way to monetise it and reward all parties in a decentralised and trustless manner without the need for an intermediary....




We are blockchains first dully decentralised and censorship resistant media, television and streaming service provider and the only one allowing only the community to properly govern. We will be absolutely free to all without needing KYC, registrations or bombarding anyone with ads. We will never invade phones to gather data to sell to the highest bidders. We can monetise our network in modern ways. Utility tokens will change the world and it won't be long before industry leaders adopt a similar model.


By also allowing the community to control funds, we will be a source of some of the most powerful, funniest, entertaining and outright ludicrous creations in the history of mankind.


At Futurov, the world’s wildest minds along with their most fascinating of imaginations finally have a fair chance of going from paper to screen with absolutely no centralised authority making decisions over their lives and direction. From this day forward, we the people, have the power now and together, we will be unstoppable.




Name: Futurov Token                                                                 

Ticker: FTV

Address: 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77

Initial Supply: 8,000,000,000

Final Supply: 1,000,000,000


8,000,000,000 as a capped supply with a deflationary 4.20% fee on every transaction (50% burnt automatically 25% to liquidity pool 25% reflected to all wallets) until we have only 1,000,000,000 tokens left. 




51% of all revenue generated through all business ops including but not limited to non intrusive ads, NFT sales and Originals will be used to buy back and burn (FTV) until we reach the 1,000,000,000 supply goal. Afterwhich the burning will stop and the rewards will increase. Of the remaining 49%:


  • 21%  sent back to the Originals reserve
  • 23% sent to the community funds for R&D to ensure acceleration
  • 76% redistributed as engagement rewards to creators, distributors & users.


Staking - For when FTV becomes it's own chain


  • 84 x Director Nodes - 1,000,000 (FTV) - Voted by the community
  • 142 x Lead nodes -  100,000 (FTV) - Open to anyone
  • 100,000 x Hand Nodes  - 1,000 (FTV) - Open to anyone


Any amount can be staked for a minimum and stable 4.2% APY, Locked for a minimum of 12 weeks which grows in accordance with the amount of FTV staked then multiplies by 2.4 for every 52 weeks it's untouched.



  • Governance - Token holders suggest, vote and implement cancellations, renewals & additions.
  • Currency - Being the core currency of the d'app allows for free and instant transtactions
  • Rewards - Token holders recieve airdrops (NFT's). From tickets to events, merch or collectables   
  • Staking - High interest rates for locking in tokens while also earning the rarest of NFT air drops
  • Engagement - An inflationary fuel token released with community votes deciding tokenomics
  • Filmanthropy - A TBD % of the fuel tokens will be allocated to industry specific philanthropy

    All liquidity and allocation tokens will be locked for 90 day periods whereby the community of token holders vote on action taken. A clear release schedule will be planned with the token holders prior to liquidating meaning there is absolutely no internal sell pressure for a minimum of 90 days, from launch *update* as per town hall, Crypto Nova, our marketing agency have taken over after successful work with a number of recently viral stars.


Litepaper - V1