Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futurov?

Futurov is a community owned multi-media entertainment aggregator and end-to-end NFT hub in V/AR bringing th entire crypto and legacy world's offerings into one place while also producing original motion picture through our EU licensed partners From live TV, shows and financial education to movies and animations, we are a decentralised, non-profit organisation & self sustainable entertainment ecosystem. Currently, we are bringing all of the worlds free and legally streamable TV as well as licensing and rights our agents, Agenz LTD,  are actively acquiring. Our app was built purely for promotional purposes and in no way do we charge or charge for any of our services or your data. Along with the deflationary governance token mentioned above, we are designing an inflationary rewards token that automatically and trustlessly pays creators, distributors and license holders. This will not only end up providing a pioneering solution to piracy, it is also a novel way of monetising free markets without charging users and allowing them to remain as free and anonymous as they wish. When rewards flip average Netflix/Prime subscription fees, we will end up offering providers more revenue per connection then they are currently earning without any overheads meaning every producer or filmmaker would be wise to partner with us in order to increase their revenues and avoid being stolen from by piracy. Eventually everything could be on our d'app and imagine how much easier your life could be having everything in 1 place while still generating revenue for your favourite streaming providers, even if you don't choose to spend any money. Yes, we are attempting to monetise the illegal, pirate and off grid markets. We believe this holds immense benefits for the greater good of mankind’s progression into the digital age

Do you have to sign up?

Absolutely not. Futurov will never KYC nor ask for any of your details or contact you directly unless you won a prize from our official feeds. We do recommend linking an Ethereum Wallet address through Metamask or Blank (when launched) in case there's an airdrop!


What is a utility token?

As per the UK Govenrment website, a utility token grants holders access to services or privelages. In our case, (FTV) Token holders will get to vote on all decisions including but not limited to:


  • Which developers hold the dev fund
  • Which movies or shows get added or removed
  • Which creators recieve grants to bring their visions to life
  • How many tokens are minted and burned
  • Roadmap and future plans

Where can I get tokens?

When released, tokens will be available for purchase directly on-app as well as decentralised exchanges and any centralised exchanges we can incorporate our token burn mechanisms with.

Where can I watch?

Our streaming app is live now with limited but growing library as we secure more rights and source more free and publicly available content. Find it on 

Where/What/Why/When/How NFTs?

The easiest way to understand NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens is to consider them as the next step in the digitisation of ownership certificates. Instead of a peice of paper representing a deed to a house, all future deeds will be tokenised just as art, music and now movies are starting to be. This not only makes them immutable and censorship resistant, it also makes it easier to transfer, exchange or divide while also increasing the security and giving items true scarcity. The reason it will work so well in this industry, is it allows the creators and directors of movies to profit directly from royalties forever in a fully trustless and transparent manner meaning nobody could ever deceive or mislead you. It also allows artists to divide and tokenise their royalties to leverage some liqudity while maintaining most of their image rights. Above all else, who wouldn't want a life sized realistic version of their favourite star right in their bedroom through smart glasses, a phone or a VR headset. The possibilities are endless.

After the launch of our streaming and viewer hub, a NFT marketplace and A/VR showcaser will be added in time to capture, preserve and relive in far more intimate ways, the most magical moments of our first Futurov Originals as well as other agreements we can agree from iconic brands and blockbusters. We are also working on VR Avatar NFTs with our exclusive partners where lifelike and authenticated replicas of your favourite stars will be found in homes across the world, powered by A.I and other humans across the world.

How do I vote?

All future voting will be done on d’app and will require users to connect any decentralised wallet. We recommend Blank due to it's privacy layer. For now, any votes prior to token launch will be via our telegram group open to the public.





All future voting will be done on d’app and will require users to connect any decentralised wallet. We recommend Blank due to extra privacy layers. For now, any votes prior to token launch will be via our telegram group.



All content is currently either;

1) Purchased from licensed distributors and marketplaces such as or 

2) Secured from free and publicly available sources such as or

3) Agreed with directly with the producers or creators with full royalties paid at source

4) Funded directly from the originals reserve, as voted for and owned by the community.


This means we are absolutely legal in every term of the word. As the community control this project, we may vote to allow anybody to add content making us an open source hub of all the world's content in the future however voters are token holders which means they are financially invested and want this project to succeed. When the dual token system offers sufficient rewards, it me then be beneficial to allow all content on without censorship as the likes of Netflix and Prime will be compensated directly and far more than their average monthly subs.

currently and as we build our revolutionary new d'app, we do not claim to be the creator of any content unless clearly stated as an original and until doing so, we had absolutely no part in any creation of any content. We are just dedicated fans of various television series, films and documentaries who have taken their time to create this website through legally and publicly available sources or via license agreements. None of the video content of this website is hosted on our servers or on servers of our staff, family members or otherwise related in any way whatsoever. Unless otherwise stated, all video content is uploaded by and hosted on the servers of third parties, so called Video Sharing Websites or loyalty marketplaces, such as, but not limited to YouTube, GitHub, all rites, vuulr and so on. In case of copyright infringement or any other issue, please directly contact the responsible parties. Similar to YouTube, where we are funding our own content too, Futurov is also part functioning as an index and database of content found publicly and legally on the Internet, in principle conducting in the same way as Google yet introducing a pioneering new token model that aims to automatically, directly and trustlessly rewards the original creators and loyalty holders in an attempt to end piracy. strongly believes in the protection of intellectual property and would be willing to assist when possible and applicable. Users who upload to these websites agree not to upload illegal content when creating their user accounts. does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party websites, nor do we upload videos ourselves or encourage others to do so. The television videos are streamed directly from the third-party video sharing services mentioned above. We are simply here to encourage the continuing popularity of OTT streaming, blockchain and Web 3.0 while bringing the unbanked and unidentified into a legitimate and rewarding entertainment world. All other trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners.




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